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Vichy skincare is known for being luxurious and effective. And, the Vichy Neovadiol Meno 5 Serum is designed to reduce the signs of aging during menopause. During this time, radiance and firmness start to be lost so it’s the perfect time for an extra boost. You can get back that fresh-faced glow of your youth. Is it magic? Well, I’m not sure about that. But, I am really excited to get to try it for free!

Your skin will thank you!

About Vichy Neovadiol Meno 5 Serum

Uncover the reason behind Neovadiol Meno 5 Serum clinching the title of Oprah Daily’s 2023 Beauty O-wards Winner. Throughout the menopausal phase, fluctuations in hormones may lead to decreased collagen and lipid production in the skin, resulting in increased dryness and the appearance of wrinkles. Neovadiol Meno 5 Serum boasts a powerful blend of ingredients, such as proxylane, cassia extract, vitamins B3-C-E, omegas 6-9, and Vichy Volcanic Water. This unique formula works to nourish the skin, unveiling a luminous, uniform complexion. Your skin has always shielded you; make sure to care for it during this new chapter of life.


  • Improves the look of dark spots
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Visibly firms skin
  • Boosts radiance
  • Hydrates


  • Proxylane – Originally derived from sugar, Proxylane is known to provide firmness to the skin and reduce the look of wrinkles.
  • Cassia Extract – Known to plump and firm the skin.
  • Vitamins B3-C-E – Helps prevent oxidative damage.
  • Omegas 6-9 – Replenishes moisture on dry skin and creates a protective lipid barrier.
  • Vichy Volcanic Water – Strengthens the skin moisture barrier and protect it from exposome factors such as pollution.

Menopause skincare expert for 30+ years.**

*Product benefits are based on the entirety of the formula, not on the individual ingredients. These 5 ingredients were added to help with attaining the end benefits.
**Based on Vichy’s first menopause skincare line launched in 1992 and 30 clinical studies on 1500+ women and 9 published scientific papers to date.

Skin Type: All Types, Sensitive
Skin Concern: Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Uneven Skin Tone

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