Free Welly Flex Fabric Bandage! (First 15,000)

Free Welly Flex Fabric Bandage! (First 15,000)

Free Welly Flex Fabric Bandage! (First 15,000)

Be quick and get a Welly flex fabric bandage available for free through Send Me A Sample. This offer is only for the first 15,000 people.

The Welly Glow in the Dark Flex Fabric Bandage has a glow in the dark feature that is sure to be fun for the kids when that have an ouchy. It’s also a practical addition to any first aid kit.

How to get freebies from Alexa and Send Me a Sample (SMAS)

Of course, you have to set it up first. But, that’s pretty easy too. If you’re wondering, how do I set up Send Me A Sample, then don’t miss our article here. And, you can use Amazon Alexa.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need any special equipment like an Amazon Echo or Bluetooth speaker. You can use your phone or tablet! You only need to set this up once. Then, you’ll be ready to order samples any time they become available!

Keep in mind that offers are limited, so be quick. Also, when signing up, the address order is different than we typically see so pay careful attention to which field you’re entering.

Free Welly Flex Fabric Bandage (15,000)

Promotional Dates: 04.01.2024 – 05.30.2024

Only available in the USA

How to apply

To receive a FREE Welly Flex Fabric Bandage, register for a Send Me a Sample account via the Amazon Alexa app by completing the necessary fields and confirming your email address.

Then, request “Welly” via your voice assistant by saying “Ask Send Me a Sample for Welly”. The cost of postage to send the free sample is fully included in the offer. No additional funds need to be paid by the user before the sample can be sent.

We are giving away 15,000 Welly Flex Fabric Bandages, which are restricted to 1 per Send Me a Sample user and 1 per physical address.

The campaign will last until all 15,000 samples have been claimed.

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