Free “Where Is Bear” Kids Book (Mailed)

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Free "Where Is Bear" Kids Book?

Free “Where Is Bear” Kids Book?

Head on over to the CDC’s website and request your totally free kids books! So, go get your copy of Where is Bear: Being One is So Much Fun! for your kids! Bear is an adorable two year old who goes on adventures with his friends. We hope your children will adore this book as much as ours did.

CDC’s free kids books

We’ve also shared two other free childrens books from CDC:: Free Kids Book, Amazing Me: It’s Busy Being 3! And, Where is Bear?

Baby’s Busy Day (Un día ocupado del bebé, en Español), Where is Bear? (¿Dónde Está Osito?, en Español), and Amazing Me (Soy Maravilloso, en Español), are fun for children and show you what to look for as your child grows.

They offer this book free by mail! However, if they’ve run out you can still download a PDF while you wait for them to restock. As of the time of posting, right now it’s available to order!

They normally charge $6.50 for this book, but you can get it free! So, that’s quite a nice freebie!


About Where’s Bear Free Children’s Book

Where is Bear? is a fun, interactive way to encourage 2-year-olds in their development and to help parents monitor their children’s attainment of important skills. It’s a win-win for early development!

Meet Tiger, Bear, and their forest friends, Bird, Frog, Fox, and Turtle! In this terrifically unique and interactive tale, your 2-year-old child will help Tiger find Bear. Each step in your child’s quest to find Bear highlights important milestones in your child’s growth and development. Look for the leaf at the bottom of the page for these Milestone Moments. Be sure to review the milestone checklist and helpful parenting tips at the end of the book to learn more about your child’s development


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