Getting Started with Free Stuff

Getting freebies is fun and easy – when you do it right!

First, thanks so much for stopping by!  Check out the “About us” page for more info about us.  In short, we scour the web to find freebies to share with our fans. However, you have to actually DO something to get this stuff free. Some freebies are really easy to get! Some take a little more effort.

Most importantly… Have fun!! 🙂

Where do I find Free Stuff?

The bottom line: we post everything on! On FreeBfinder, we curate the newest, best free stuff online. We are the top website for finding freebies online! And of course, you can find us on social media sites to connect with us everywhere to be alerted when we post new free stuff!

How it Works: How to find Free Stuff:

We find free things online, in stores, and everywhere else! Then, we share by posting on So, browse or search our website for hundreds of freebies. Find something you want, and then read and follow the directions – each one is different!

Find Freebies by Category

If you still have questions, read this in-depth, step-by-step How to Find Free Things article, and our Free Sample Frequently Asked Questions.

Three simple rules of freebies:


Rule #1. Follow the directions

First, when you see us post on social media, you MUST follow the link to our website ( OR just visit directly. NOTE: Commenting on Facebook or other social media sites will tell that site’s algorithm that you want to see our posts — which is good — but that alone will NOT get you anything free! You must go through the steps to request or apply for each offer.

Rule #2. Request the free thing

Next, once you’re on our website (as you are right now), then pick something you want to get free. Each thing is explained in its own post. Tap or click to open each post. Then, scroll down until you see the instructions we’ve written out for you. Read and follow the directions! Find the hyperlink (a hyperlink typically looks like blue underlined words), and follow the link to the offer website. On the offer website, you can claim the freebie or coupon, or apply to be considered, or enter to win — depending on the type of offer.

“Claiming” means you’ll fill out the form with your shipping info for easy freebies. It could also mean printing a coupon and redeeming in a store near you, or entering to win a prize. It depends on what type of freebie it is.

Also, don’t mistake an Advertisement for an offer link! Please feel free to check out our advertisers too (we appreciate it!) But, know the difference! If you find yourself doing “endless surveys” that get you nowhere, then you are doing something wrong. We do NOT post those! You may have followed an ad.

Rule #3. Know what to expect: The 4 Types of Freebies

Also, KNOW The Different Types of Free Offers! As I told you earlier, the best way to learn is to read my book! I’ll give it to you free if you join our GimmiEclub. Don’t worry, that’s also free!

  • “Easy Freebies” First, there are the “easy” freebies, you just give them your shipping info and they send you a free item. Easy and quick. Everyone gets them! But, they expire fast, and we have NO control over that. To find more Easy Freebies, Join our Easy Freebies Facebook Group here!
  • “Product tests” and “Product Reviews” these will want you to do a review in exchange for a freebie. NOT everyone gets every product test. You must apply, and hope to be chosen! They are NOT a scam! That’s how they work. (Knowing what to expect really helps us know what may not ever come!)
  • “Free in store with coupons” are freebies you pick up at your local store.
  • “Free coupons by mail” are coupons you can request to be mailed to you. Some of these are redeemable for a free product at your local store. Others are good for a specified amount off the price.
  • “Sweepstakes” and “Instant Win Games” of course giveaways, sweepstakes and contests are not guaranteed freebies, because many will enter and only a few will win. Never won a sweepstakes? That doesn’t make them scams! Not everyone gets a prize; that’s how they work.

Lastly, if you haven’t gotten anything free and you’re following these simple 3 rules, you may not have waited long enough. Samples can take 3-4 months (or more!) to arrive.

There are many scam sites out there. Make no mistake, we are the real deal!

How FreeBfinder Works

  • What we do: We search the web to find the best freebies anywhere!  We then share them on our website,, so you can pick which ones you want. Each offer is separate and unique. Each will be different in how you request it.
  • What you need to do: Choose the offers you want, follow the instructions in each of our posts and request the things you can use.
  • Please note: you will not get freebies just by signing up for this website (e.g., our daily email). We find freebies for our readers, and share them for you to get if you want. It’s up to you to follow the instructions and sign up for each item you want to receive. Some are very limited, so it’s a good idea to check back with us often to see what’s new or what’s back in stock.

Get your first freebie

Join the GimmieClub for free, and I’ll give you my book, which is also free! Here’s how:

  1. Click this link and I’ll show you how to sign up for our daily email.
  2. Watch your email and click link to confirm your subscription.
  3. Then, I’ll send you my book, How to Get Anything Free – absolutely free in the very next email! This ebook will teach you how to get anything for free; how our site works, and how to actually get real free stuff!

Don’t miss another freebie! Get Instant Freebie Alerts here! Find the Newest Freebies posted here! Then, JOIN all of our FB Groups!

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  2. Would luv to start getting samples in mail we are raising our 3 grandson so every little thing woud help

  3. Yes i would love 2 get free stuff in the mail how do i sign up 2 get it bec i wont 2 get free stuff&coupons in the mail alr thank u

  4. Hey Cindy Johnson, each store has a coupon policy. Stick with us – we post each store’s coupon matchups (best deals with coupons+sales) each week!

  5. is walmart the only store that pays overages? where are these places or where do i find them on the web??

  6. is this just for people in america xx

    Response: It’s not, but most of the freebies we find do happen to be in the US.

  7. Boomshakalakalaka! I want to win these coupons…….Gimme Gimme Freebies…….

  8. Thanks! Be sure to use the search box in upper right corner of page to search. That’s a great offer we shared a while back. 🙂

  9. letting u know that u can get a free sample of breathright stripe at

  10. This is an exciting and fun way to get feedbacik oon products.I’ll certainly be taking advantage of every product relative too me and the life of my family. This seems to be constructed for the consmer in a friendly way. I look forward to doing business with the various companies.

  11. Signing up for the emails is through Google Feedburner. Signing up for this website is different, so you’ll need to sign up again if you want. Please note: you can use the website without signing up. 🙂

  12. I get emails regarding free bee stuff but it says my username does not exist. What am i suppose to do

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