GLITCH! Free Baby Warmer + Free Shipping ($40 Value)

GLITCH! Free Baby Bottle Warmer + Free Shipping ($40 Value)

Hurry and get a free baby warmer from Amazon with free shipping. These are regularly priced at $42.99. But, they’re on sale and there’s a huge 50% off coupon PLUS a code. When you combine them all, it makes it free!

What’s a Baby Bottle warmer?

The PATNRAB portable bottle warmer features 8 adapters Compatible for the brand of Dr Brown’s 50mm, Dr Brown’s & Medela 40mm (not compatible with Dr Brown’s glass baby bottles), Tommee Tippee 60mm, Comotomo & Boon 70mm. The upgraded dual leak-proof silicone O-ring efficiently prevents leakage, ensuring a mess-free feeding experience.

Featuring a compact 3-inch wide base, this portable bottle warmer is perfect for hassle-free travel! The baby bottle warmer is versatile for use at home, on the counter, or on-the-go. It fits easily into diaper bags and is ideal for car trips, the bottle warmer is a baby travel essential for moms

Heat up 4 oz of milk to 98℉ in just 2 minutes with this baby brew bottle warmer. The quick heating process reduces babies’ crying and screaming, making middle night feeding more manageable. Simply screw the milk bottle directly onto the unit, press the power button, wait for a few minutes, a beep prompt heating is complete.

Precise Temperature Control: Our travel bottle warmer with 5 accurate temperature settings (98℉, 105℉, 109℉, 116℉, 121℉). Thanks to the accurate temperature chip inside the bottle warmer, it ensures that the milk is heated to the desired temperature without the risk of overheating, making it a reliable bottle warmer for breastmilk or formula.

Large Battery Capacity & Thoughtful Gift: Featuring a 10000mAh battery, this portable baby bottle warmer working about 40 mins with a full charge, you can use up to 20 times, enough for a day’s feeding. The battery level display reminds you to charge. With USB charging, you can quickly charge it anytime, anywhere. The bottle warmer on-the-go is a baby shower gift for new mothers.

Directions to Get a Free Baby Bottle Warmer

  1. Head to the product page on Amazon
  2. It is important that you click on “other sellers” and add the one that is $42.99 sold by Kids Fun Shopping
  3. Clip the 50% off coupon
  4. Then add the product to your cart
  5. Now check out using the code 50LTNMDR to make it totally free
  6. It is also very important to use the exact Coupon code with no spaces before or after the promo code

What’s a Glitch? How can I not miss one? Are they Safe?

Hurry! Glitches are limited to while supplies last. As with all glitches, orders could be canceled. Of course, we hope not! And it’s worth a try.

What if I missed it?

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What’s a Glitch?

Glitches simply means that something within the system is doing something abnormal. Some glitches can cause products to be free.

Is it safe to shop a glitch?

In this case, you’re not in any danger of being charged because you have to authorize charges. So, even if they item is sent to you it will only cost as much as you thought it would. So, rest assured!

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