Halloween Candy Buyback: Sell Your Candy & Treat Our Troops

Halloween Candy Buy Back Program: Sell Your Candy & Treat Our Heroes

If your kids have way too much candy after trick or treating, then you can sell it for cash with the Halloween Candy Buyback Program! Because dentists are paying money per pound of unwanted Halloween candy! The Halloween candy buyback, also known as Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy BuyBack, is a program sponsored by local dentists. They can register as a dentist who buys back candy at Halloween, and you can find them on the registry! Dentists who buy back Halloween candy hope that kids will not eat so much sweets.  Furthermore, dentists buy back Halloween candy and then send it to our troops overseas!

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What is Halloween Candy Buy Back?

Treat our troops! Participate in the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program where your unwanted treats can be traded in for money and sent to troops overseas! To find a participating location to sell your candy, visit the Halloween Candy Buyback website. Every year on Halloween, your kids are likely to come home with pillowcases and buckets filled with candy. But that’s a lot of sweets and sugar. So, enjoy a little for yourself, then send the rest as a “thank you” to those heroes who protect and serve our nation. Save your kids’ teeth and treat a hero in the military!

What is Operation Gratitude?

The Dentist Halloween Candy Buyback Program is a nationwide program sponsored by dentists. You drop off your unwanted candy at the Dentist’s office and receive money per pound. The candy is then sent to the troops deployed overseas to brighten the day of our American Heroes! Plus, they have a 100,000 Toothbrush Challenge where they’re sending toothbrushes to every troop overseas! “For every pound of candy you send to the troops, we hope you will also send a toothbrush! Let’s see how quickly we can collect 100,000 toothbrushes!”

How to find Dentists that Buy Back Candy near me?

Find a participating dentist near you on the Halloween Candy Buyback Program website. Even if they’re listed on the site, I’d still recommend calling ahead to make sure they are participating.

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