How to Find Amazon’s Secret Coupons Page

How to Find Amazon’s Secret Coupons Page

Have you ever been comparing prices on Amazon and saw that lovely “save more when you clip this coupon” option? Wish there was a way to find items you want that have coupons available? I’m going to share with you how to find coupons on Amazon, and it’s super easy to do! You’ll wonder how you ever shopped online without it!

Shopping on Amazon is a giant online shopping mall full of everything you can imagine. It’s so easy to shop online, it’s no wonder that it is the number one destination for shoppers! It can be exhausting trying to find the best price for the best item, since there can be thousands of options for every product.

How to Find the Lowest Price on Amazon

The first step to finding the lowest price on Amazon is doing a little research on the product you’re trying to buy. This will help you determine exactly what they’re called, along with any keywords that might be helpful to add to your search.

For example, I was looking at storage containers for a wardrobe. I’m familiar with plastic storage totes such as Rubbermaid and Sterilite, but after some searching I found really neat drop front, stackable shoe boxes. Since plastic storage containers are pricey, I wanted to find the best price on a well constructed option. I learned that many of the drop front shoe boxes are really flimsy and not something that would work for me. I was also looking specifically for something that sealed so that no pests could get inside (ew!) because these will be used at our lake cabin which is vacant most of the time. While I’m giving the example of shoe boxes, this method will work for any product you may want to find.

Of course, one option is to sort your Amazon search results by price – low to high.

  • Pros: This is a quick and easy way to find the lowest price on the items in your search.
  • Cons: Sorting by price works to some degree, but oftentimes you end up with a lot of unrelated products showing up first in the low price range. You may still have to scroll through your search results to find what you’re looking for.

How to Search for Coupons on Amazon

So, after a lot of searching and browsing, I found a set of three drop front shoe boxes that looked great. And, I was so excited that they had a whopping 30% coupon. That reduced the price down from $30 to $21! That was well within my budget! Then, just before I hit “buy” I realized they had a hole in the door in place of a handle. That wouldn’t work since I needed them to be rodent-proof! Back to the drawing board I went, and of course then I didn’t want to settle for something without a coupon. So, I had to figure out how to add coupons to my Amazon search! Because, believe it or not you can’t just search the word coupon, and you can’t add it to the filters of an Amazon search.

If you’re searching for products on Amazon, look for the note that says it has a coupon.

How to Find Amazon’s Secret Coupons Page

One of the best ways to find coupons on Amazon is to start on the Secret Amazon Coupons page. Then, you can search for the brand you want – or by category – and find any and all items which have Amazon coupons.

And best of all, on this secret coupon page, Amazon will show you coupons based on your recent searches!

In other words, Amazon will show you the items you have been looking for which have coupons available. Then, you can simply select that product. Don’t forget to apply the coupon before you add the item to you cart!

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