HUGE LIST! Free Election Political Stickers & Swag!

HUGE LIST! Free Election Political Stickers & Swag!

If you’re looking for a huge list of free political stickers with free shipping, then you’ve come to the right place! Because, we have all the free political stickers available for every political affiliation in 2022. From window decals to free political bumper stickers, we’ve scoured the web to compile this big list for both the right and left wing.

HUGE LIST! Free Election Political Stickers & Swag!

HUGE LIST! Free Election Political Stickers & Swag!

HUGE LIST! Free Election Political Stickers & Swag! If you're looking for a huge list of free political stickers with ...

Of course, 2024 is a big election year in the United States. Naturally, the election is on Super Tuesday, November 5th. So, registered voters from all over the U.S.A. will cast their ballots for various elected officials.

So, you can share your support for your favorite candidates with free political bumper stickers!

Rest assured, no matter what your political affiliation, there’s a free political sticker for you! We promise we’ve posted everything we can find. But, if you know of any we missed, then please let us know and we’ll add it!

Why Are Political Stickers Mailed Free?

Political stickers are one way that campaigns advertise their candidates. For example, they will send free stickers to their constituents. Those people display them, which gives more exposure to that candidate. The other big reason is that they want to keep you updated on their campaign. They want to be able to send you information directly. Because mailing you a free sticker is a lot cheaper than paying for advertising. And, hopefully, reach you throughout the campaign.

More about Political Parties

Obviously, Politicians in the United States are elected by votes. Typically two or more opposing parties run for each elected seat. For example, the two major political parties are Republican and Democrat.

The Republican Party, aka Grand Old Party (GOP), in the United States, is one of the two major political parties. The other is the Democratic Party. The widely recognized logos for both parties were popularized by cartoonist Thomas Nast in the 1870s. The Republican party’s official logo is the elephant. The logo of the Democratic Party is the donkey. It’s widely used; however, it has never been officially adopted by the party. –

Liberals vs. Conservatives

Liberals generally support free markets, free trade, limited government, and individual rights (including civil rights and human rights). They also promote capitalism, democracy, and secularism. Finally, they support gender equality, racial equality, and internationalism. – Wikipedia

Conservatives promote traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization. Conservatism seeks to preserve religion, parliamentary government, and property rights. With the aim of emphasizing social stability and continuity. – Wikipedia

Free Libertarian Stickers

Libertarianism is an idea in ethics and politics. They believe that people should be able to do whatever they want. As long as their actions do not hurt others.  – Wikipedia

    • Free Libertarian Bumper Sticker Because they love spreading the Libertarian Party’s message of freedom. So, they’d like to help you spread the word too. If you give them your mailing address, then they’ll send you a free Libertarian bumper sticker.

Free Republican Stickers

Free Donald Trump for President Stickers

Of course, you can get your free GOP stickers here..

Free Democrat Stickers

Free Joe Biden for President Stickers

Actblue Free Stickers

Currently, it appears that most Actblue campaigns require a donation to get free political sticker 2020. However, Actblue is a non profit, online fundraising platform for Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and nonprofits. Their tools make it possible for anyone to build a grassroots campaign or movement. Therefore, many free sticker offers are available on Actblue.

DCCC Stickers

DLCC Stickers

    • Pledge to Vote by Mail and get a free sticker and postcard swag pack
    • Resistance is Local – So, they’re giving away the brand new “Resistance is Local” stickers FOR FREE! Sign up to get your FREE sticker by filling out the form linked here.


Bernie Sanders Not Me Us Free Stickers


Many free political sticker for 2020 have been shared by the Move On movement. If there’s any available now, then it would be in that link.

Free Obama Stickers

    • Celebrate Obama’s Legacy – So, celebrate President Obama’s incredible legacy with a FREE limited-edition sticker today!
    • “Still My President” Obama – Because, the #NotMyPresident movement is personified by this sticker from the DCCC. In other words, they’ll send you a FREE “Still My President” sticker!

Yard Sign Army

Other Causes

    • Free ILY stickers – Their mission is to bring people Together in Love and support the organizations that shape people’s futures. Pincause is non-partisan because no political party has the market cornered on LOVE, and we can all have a little more of it in our lives.
    • Free VOTE bumper sticker from Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
    • Black Lives Matter – Request a catalog and get a free BLM sticker by mail.
    • Campus Free Speech Stickers – this kit includes free t-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters & more
    • DFW – free Billionaires Can’t Buy Me Sticker + Free Shipping
    • Pride Month – Next Gen America is offering free pride stickers by mail.
    • Resist Deportations Sticker – Just fill out the form here to request a sticker pack!
    • Support Our Troops – Military Times is offering a large selection of free stickers
      • Military Times “Support the Troops” sticker
      • Army Times “Support the Troops” window cling
      • Air Force Times “Support the Troops” window cling
      • Marine Corps Times “Support the Troops” window cling
      • Navy Times “Support the Troops” window cling


We post all legit freebies and let you decide which you’d like to get. Posting in no way suggests an endorsement by this website. Please do not comment with personal attacks, religion, politics or proselytizing. If this particular offer isn’t for you, please feel free to pass. We’ll still love ya! Thanks!


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