Join Mom’s Meet Ambassadors = Apply for Free Party Packs!

Join Mom's Meet Ambassadors = Get Free Party Packs!

Join Mom’s Meet Ambassadors = Apply for Free Party Packs!

If you haven’t already joined Mom’s Meet, then what are you waiting for? We’ve been sharing them since they started. And, our fans have gotten a ton of goodies! Back in the early days of MomsMeet, they would get upset when we’d share a new party with non-members. Ah, the good old days. A lot has changed; now it’s easy to join. And, it’s a great site!

I remember the first time I was chosen to host a party. I received free baby food snacks. And, not only free baby food, but it was a HUGE case of them! I was a little overwhelmed, but it was so much fun! They were weird banana-flavored things that none of the grown ups liked, but the babies loved them! lol!

Moms Meet selects only products and services that meet high standards and deliver better-for-you benefits. We welcome health conscious moms to be part of our community. To sample products you must be a Mom Ambassador or Blogger to participate.

There are four ways to participate

First, the Group Program where you can try and review products with your group. Whether it’s a group of moms, friends, neighbors, 0r coworkers (& more), you invite them to join you in sampling products. The way it works is you apply to host a Moms Meet Party, and if chosen they will send you enough samples and coupons for your whole group! Everything is free, and of course shipping is also free.

Second, the Blogger Program allows those people who have blogs (websites) to try and review products on their blog. Having your own website is required for this one.

Third is the Express Program where you can try and review products by yourself. Certainly, you can do this, however you don’t get the big box of goodies. You will receive enough samples to try it yourself.

Finally, the Influencer Program which is where you can try and review products and then share on social media. Similarly, the Influencer program is like the Express program where you will receive only enough samples for yourself.

How Mom’s Meet Works

First, join Moms Meet as a community member, a Mom Ambassador, or a Blog Ambassador. Earn points and rewards, plus access the  supportive online community of health-minded moms.

Second, Apply to Try Free Products and Services. As a qualifying member, we’ll send healthier, natural, organic and eco products directly to your home to try with family, friends or on your blog.

Third, Share Your Opinions. If you’re chosen for samplings, then you must share your opinions. Your honest feedback is not only valuable to other moms, but it will shape future products and influence brands.

How to get started

Sign in and apply each time Moms Meet posts a new sampling opportunity that you’d like to participate in; or, sign up if you are not already a member. Then, apply for samplings.
See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.

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