Menard’s 15% Bag Sale – No Rebate Needed (January 2024)

Menard’s 15% Bag Sale – No Rebate Needed (January 2024)

One of the BEST sales of the year is Menard’s 15% Bag Sale! If you love Menards 11% Rebates, then don’t miss Menard’s bag sale! In January, Menard’s, a home improvement store in the Midwest, has its infamous 11% rebate sale. During Menard’s 11% rebate sale, everything in the store is eligible for an 11% mail-in rebate. And, that can add up to some great savings! You can also save 2% by using Menard’s Big Card – their credit card.  But what you may not know… there’s a secret Menard’s 11% Rebates Price Adjustment! So, you can get 11% back for purchases made the week BEFORE the rebate sale!

Of course, at the end of the year – just before Black Friday – Menards ends their 11% rebate sale and replaces it with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

When is the 15% Menards Bag Sale?

We’ve been watching Menards for years, and if they continue with how they have been doing things then we predict the Menard’s Bag Sale will be the first two weeks of January. These types of Menards sales run from Sunday through Saturday. Last year the bag sale was January 1 – 14, 2023. The year before, Menard’s bag sale was January 2-15, 2022.

Here’s the ad for the bag sale in 2022.

This year, the bag sale is January 1-14, 2024.

Where can you get a Menards Bag for the Sale?

The 15% off Menards Bag Sale is a little different. Firstly, you’ll need a brown paper sack with the 15% off printed on it. Secondly, you’ll get 15% off anything in store that will fit inside the bag. That excludes quite a bit of stuff, but it’s a pretty sweet deal on smaller-scale items.

To get a bag, check your local paper (if you’re in an area where Menard’s stores are). Or, you can just pick one up at the store! They have a huge bin of them right inside the door.

Menard’s 15% off Everything You Can Fit in the Bag!

When is the next 11% Menards Rebate?

Certainly, Menard’s has great sales and rebate deals. As a result, you can often get several things each week – for free after mail-in rebate. Menard’s weekly sales run from Sunday through Saturday. And, you’ll need to grab the rebate form in store or online and mail it in. They also have department sales that span longer time periods. After all, their slogan is, “Save Big Money at Menard’s!”

Of course, you can grab the 11% Price Adjustment forms on freeBfinder! Certainly we appreciate those fans who take the time to scan in the form and send them to us.

Of course, you can also save 2% by using the Menard’s Big Card – their credit card. So, be sure to pick one up!

But what you may not know… Menards Price Adjustment BEFORE the rebate!

If you’ve heard of Menards 11% rebate sale, then you may not have heard of Menard’s Secret 11% Rebate!!  The week BEFORE the 11% rebate week, they offer an 11% Menard’s Price Adjustment Rebate. Therefore, you can save even more! This secret price adjustment covers purchases made the week before the 11% rebate week. So, if you shopped the week before an 11% Rebate sale, you can still get 11% cash back via mail-in rebate!!

To get the 11% Price Adjustment Rebate, simply go to the rebate counter in any Menard’s store and ask them for an 11% Price Adjustment Rebate form. This is different than the 11% rebate form!  This form is available ONLY during an 11% rebate sale week. Unlike the 11% Rebate form, the 11% Price Adjustment Rebate form is not available online, and must be picked up in store. And you must get it during the rebate week!

menards price adjustment rebate

Where Can You Get the Menards 15% Bag for Sale?

During a 15% off bag sale, you will need a special bag. But, don’t worry because they’re available right in the store. Check out the weekly ad.

Looking for a different Menards 11% Price Adjustment Rebate?

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