Nationwide Cinnamon Recall Due to Lead

URGENT! Cinnamon Recalled for Dangerous Levels of Lead

If you’ve purchased cinnamon, then don’t miss this recall! Because the FDA has warned that cinnamon spices sold at stores nationwide such as Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Save-a-Lot could make you sick. This is expanded from the Applesauce Recall we told you about recently.

The FDA announced this recall on its website. So, check your pantry and if you have any get rid of it!

What is a Recall?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States are the departments responsible for investigating potential problems with food safety. Of course, from their investigations, they may issue warnings to the public. In other words, a Recall by the FDA or CDC means that the product in question is unsafe for the specified reason. Additionally, guidelines and instructions are given for each recall, based on the specific threat. For example, they may warn that consumers should not consume the product. Or, they may suggest that the company responsible is willing to refund the purchase price.

Why is There a Recall?

Federal health officials advised that ground cinnamon sold by U.S. discount retailers is contaminated with high levels of lead and should be disposed of. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration highlighted that cinnamon from stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar contains unsafe levels of lead, especially risky for prolonged exposure, particularly in children. The agency recommended suppliers to voluntarily recall the products.

Cinnamon brands flagged in the safety alert include La Fiesta by La Superior and SuperMercados, Marcum by Save A Lot, MK by SF Supermarket, Swad by Patel Brothers, El Chilar by La Joya Morelense, and Supreme Tradition by Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. The alert stressed the importance of removing these products to prevent increased lead intake in children’s diets.

What’s the Problem with High Levels of Lead?

High levels of lead in cinnamon can be a serious health concern since lead is a toxic heavy metal that can accumulate in the body over time. Lead exposure, even in small amounts, can lead to various health issues, especially in children and pregnant women.

Cinnamon is particularly susceptible to lead contamination due to the soil it’s grown in, as well as the processing methods involved. Lead exposure can result in developmental delays, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems in children.

In adults, it can lead to high blood pressure, kidney damage, and reproductive issues. Therefore, it’s essential to be cautious about the source of cinnamon and opt for brands that adhere to strict quality control measures to minimize the risk of lead contamination.

Who is affected?

  • All consumers
  • All retailers

What is the problem?

Through product testing, the FDA has determined that the ground cinnamon products listed in the table below contain elevated levels of lead and that prolonged exposure to these products may be unsafe.

The FDA is advising consumers to throw away and not to buy these ground cinnamon products. The FDA has recommended that the firms voluntarily recall these products, with the exception of the MTCI cinnamon. The FDA has been unable to reach MTCI to share our findings and request that the company initiate a recall. The FDA will update this notice with the communications from firms that voluntarily agree to recall as we receive them.

After the recall of cinnamon apple puree and applesauce products in October 2023 due to increased lead levels associated with the cinnamon used, the FDA conducted a targeted examination of ground cinnamon items from discount retail stores. The samples were scrutinized for lead and chromium content.

Following the survey findings, the FDA suggests recalls of ground cinnamon from six distributors whose products exhibited elevated lead levels ranging from 2.03 to 3.4 parts per million (ppm). These levels are notably lower than the lead levels found in ground cinnamon from Ecuador supplied by Negasmart to Austrofoods, the manufacturer of the affected apple products, which ranged from 2,270 ppm to 5,110 ppm.

Apart from the FDA’s assessment, certain states also examined cinnamon samples through the Laboratory Flexible Funding Model, a collaborative program with states aimed at investigating, monitoring, and withdrawing contaminated foods from circulation to support regulatory efforts. The Maryland and Missouri Departments of Health were involved in collecting cinnamon samples as part of this safety notification.


Distributor Retailers Brand
Lots/Codes Lead
Product Image
La Fiesta Food Products
La Miranda, CA
La Superior


La Fiesta

Recall Announcement

25033 2.73
La Fiesta Food Products La Miranda CA - La Superior SuperMercados
Moran Foods, LLC
Saint Ann, MO
Save A Lot Marcum


Best By:

10/16/25 10DB

04/06/25 0400B1 (Missouri)




Marcum, Moran Foods LLC Saint Ann MO - Save A Lot
Santa Fe Springs, CA
SF Supermarket MK No codes 2.99
MTCI Santa Fe Springs CA - SF Supermarket
Raja Foods LLC
Skokie, IL
Patel Brothers Swad


Best Before:

July 2026 KX21223

SWAD, Raja Foods LLC Skokie IL - Patel Brothers
Greenbriar International, Inc.
Chesapeake, VA
Dollar Tree

Family Dollar

Best By:

09/29/25 09E8

04/17/25 04E11

12/19/25 12C2

04/12/25 04ECB12

08/24/25 08A_ _

04/21/25 04E5

04/21/25 04E5

2025-09-22 09E20 (Missouri)










Supreme Tradition Greenbriar International Inc Chesapeake VA - Dollar Tree
El Chilar
Apopka, FL
La Joya Morelense
(Baltimore, MD)
El Chilar


F275EX1026 (Maryland)

D300EX1024 (Maryland)



El Chilar - Apopka, FL - La Joya Morelense (Baltimore, MD)

Where Was the Recalled Product Sold?

Nationwide at many stores such as:

  • Dollar Tree
  • Family Dollar
  • Save-a-Lot
  • La Superior
  • SuperMercados
  • SF Supermarket
  • Patel Brothers
  • La Joya Morelense (Baltimore, MD)

What Should You Do?

Do not use contaiminated cinnamon; throw it away

The FDA recommends that consumers cease using and discard the mentioned products.

Do not eat affected spices

It is recommended to refrain from consuming, selling, or utilizing the ground cinnamon products listed in the table above, and they should be discarded.

Check your pantry! Get rid of any contaminated products now

Since these products have a long shelf life, consumers are advised to check their homes and discard any of them.

Feeling unwell? Ask your doctor

If you have worries about possible lead exposure, seek advice from a healthcare provider, as immediate symptoms of lead exposure are not commonly seen in most individuals.

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Source: Food and Drug Administration Cinnamon Recall

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