Another Sample Box Available! Did You Get One?

New Sample Box Released From Sampler!

Heads up! Check your accounts, as many are finding new offers. I had new samples in my account! As always, not everyone will qualify for this free offer. One of my boxes had a shaker bottle with four samples of Multi Collagen Protein. It also came with kids’ probiotic samples and three packages of cookies that look so delicious. There were also 5 sample packs of Greens Blend drink mix. I had a small beauty cream sample and when I looked it up to see exactly what it was, it had a $375 price tag on it if you were to buy a whole jar. So, I would say that tiny sample is at least $10 worth LOL. The best thing, in my opinion, was the huge box of dish detergent pods.

Sampler is a marketing platform that offers consumers the opportunity to receive free boxes of samples from various brands. These samples can range from beauty products and snacks to household items and more.

Through Sampler, brands can connect with potential customers in a targeted and personalized way, allowing them to reach a specific audience interested in their products. This form of sampling is beneficial for both consumers, who get to try out new products for free, and brands, who can generate buzz and gather feedback on their offerings. Overall, Sampler provides a fun and interactive way for consumers to discover and experience new products while also allowing brands to engage with their target market in a cost-effective manner.

So, there you have it. Good luck and I hope you can get one of these great free sample boxes too.

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New Sample Box Released From Sampler!

How it Works

Some accounts will qualify for different free samples. However, you can check back every month for another chance!

Simply register or login to the Sampler app, and get matched with free samples! Of course, a mobile phone is required to confirm your sign up (if needed, you can get a free text number from Google Voice).

The Sampler app has always been a fan favorite. I have received some pretty nice samples from them. Certainly, this is one you don’t want to miss!

Love Free Samples by Mail?

So do we! I can barely keep up using all of the freebies I’ve gotten!

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