P&G Good Everyday Rewards: Earn Up to $150 Per Year!

P&G Good Everyday Rewards: Earn Extra $150 Per Year!

P&G Good Everyday Rewards: Earn Up to $150 Per Year!

Did you know that you can earn real money when you buy your favorite P&G brands? With P&G Good Everyday Rewards, you can earn up to $150 per year or more! For example, you can earn rewards when you purchase over 60 brands such as Tide, Crest, Dawn, Bounty and others! As a matter of fact, you can earn real money back on purchases you already make anyway! I hadn’t signed up for this one although it started in May of 2020, so I wanted to share it with you.

Sign up today for P&G Good Everyday Rewards Program and earn points each time you scan a receipt of your purchase or complete a survey. Because, doing good for others can be good for you too. Plus, you’ll get 25 bonus points to start, when you fill out 3 quick questions in your profile!

P&G Good Everyday Rewards Features

  • Money-Saving COUPONS: Save $30+ on Tide, Crest, Bounty, and 60+ of your favorite brands!
  • REWARDS: Join P&G Good Everyday Rewards to Save $ and earn rewards on P&G brands. Earn up to $150 + in Rewards annually.
  • Enter for chances to win $150 of P&G Products!
  • And, P&G Donates to Charity on your behalf.
  • More participation = More Rewards and More Donations.

About P&G Good Everyday Rewards

P&G Good Everyday is a Rewards Program for your favorite brands, like Tide, Crest, Dawn, Bounty, and 60 more. Earn up to $150 + in Rewards annually for Brand you already use and love. Redeem rewards for gift cards to restaurants, local entertainment, and more.

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