Ripple Street, House Party & Chatterbox Product Tests & Reviews

Ripple Street, House Party & Chatterbox Product Tests & Reviews

Ripple Street, House Party & Chatterbox Product Tests & Reviews

If you love getting free product tests, then Ripple Street is one you must join! Because they have House Party, Chatterbox and more. Their freebies are often very valuable, and you can make a huge difference in how companies develop new products! So, sign up for Ripple Street. It’s free! Join brand communities to get free products, coupons, exclusive offers and more. Then, you’ll want to keep an eye on offers and apply for any that you want to try to get.


  • Enjoy the experience. Because it’s fun! Try and share great products with your friends and family members.
  • Share! It’s easy! Post reviews, share your opinion and let brands know what you really think.

What can you get?

Ripple Street works with huge brands to bring you great product tests. And, that means free Panasonic, MillersCoors, Burt’s Bees, Dr Pepper, Oreo, Nickelodeon, Pedigree, Dove, and Bertolli. They are the leading influencer marketing platform for connecting brands with their biggest fans.

And, they build communities of authentic consumer influencers and give them the tools to experience and share the brands they love with the people they love.

The proprietary platform has been driving brand lifts and sales for over a decade empowering brands to: Identify Influential brand advocates, Engage them with memorable brand experiences, Amplify those experiences online and off, and Measure the impact on brand lifts and sales.

What is Ripple Street?

Ripple Street is made up of three separate sections for companies:  House Party, Chatterbox, and Ripple Street Research.

House Party: You are wanted by companies to gather all your friends and invite them to a party! Companies will send you boxes of freebies to share with your friends, and in turn you can all tell about your brand experiences. In other words, what you thought of the product(s). This creates a ripple effect and word travels fast!

Chatterbox: Specific people who meet certain criteria set by the company who makes products will receive free stuff. Then, they get to try it and share on social media. You receive Chat Packs, which are full of free products and delivered directly to your home as one of their biggest fans. And, there’s no party required.

Ripple Street Research: When companies develop products they have questions. What do you like best? What would you want it to do? They ask these questions via RSR, and in turn a relationship is created which could lead to free stuff as outlined in one of the first two sections.
See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.

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