Secret to Get a FREE Extra Month of Weight Watchers

Secret to Get a FREE Extra Month of Weight Watchers

If you’ve been following along, some of the GimmieGirls: Teri, Krissy and I (Wendy) have been loving the journey to weight loss on WW, formerly Weight Watchers. I’ve lost a whopping 79 pounds. Teri – who had less to lose – is coming in a close second at over 50 pounds, and Krissy won’t tell me (well, she might if I asked!) hahaha!!

The picture above says it all for me. Photo on left was taken July 4, 2020, at my best friend’s wedding. Photo on right was taken last Saturday. I started WW in October 2021, and by May 2022, I had reached my low weight — almost 80 pounds lost. You may also notice I’m eating cake! On WW, you can eat what you want! You’ll learn how food impacts you, and how to balance what you eat so that you can stop being a slave to the scale.

Last weekend at my family reunion, I was living the dream. My family hadn’t seen me since I looked like my “before” picture, and everyone was very complimentary. But, *I* am so much happier. I feel better; my doctor is happy because my cholesterol is finally in a healthy range for the first time… ever! And, frankly, I’m not obsessing about weight anymore.

Seriously, I know people have various experiences with weight loss, and you can read my WL journey here. But, I swear by this program. It’s not the only way to lose weight, for sure. But, it’s a good, sustainable way to do it without obsessing, without yo-yo fad diets (trust me, I’ve tried them all).

Method #1: Refer Friends

Did you know, you can score a totally free month of Weight Watchers (now called WW). So, head on over and claim your free 3 months of WW! If you have questions or would like extra support, feel free to join our Facebook Group: Weight Watchers Freebies & Support.

You can sign up with a referral link from a friend (ours are linked in this post!) and then you can refer your friends too. When you sign up, you’ll get a free month and your friend will too. Then, when your friends sign up, they’ll get a free month and you will too. We’ve enjoyed nearly a year totally free this way, already!

Method #2: Quit

What I just found out today is that if you request to cancel your membership, they will offer you a better deal. It’s something like 1/2 off the monthly rate. But, if you continue on to cancel, they will give you a free month! They know what they’ve got, so they hope you’ll stay and learn why it’s such a great program.

There’s two ways to get a free month by quitting: You can go to the app and use their 24/7 coaching chat, and ask either for them to help you quit or ask them how you can cancel yourself. Then, let them offer you the free month to stay!

Or, you can do it yourself online. To see your account information, simply visit and go to Account > Settings, scroll down to your Account & Billing info, re-enter your password and then click VIEW on Plan Enrolled. Go through the steps to cancel your membership and at the last screen they’ll give you the free month. It’s as simple as that!

Oh, and they also give $5 coupons good for snacks, food, swag, clothes, or whatever you want — when you chat with them!

Be sure to grab the free printable, Weight Watchers Personal Points Zero-Points Food List (updated for 2022!) that I made!

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