Dough: Get a Free Stock Worth Up to $200

Dough: Get a Free Stock Worth Up to $200

With the stock market going up and down more than ever, now’s a great time to score some free stock! Because, if you get it when it’s low, then the potential to grow is even greater!

I love these free stock referral offers. For example, I got free stocks when I joined Webull last fall and built my portfolio to over $1800+ in just a few months. I also joined Firstrade and Robinhood and got more free stock! All, without spending a penny! Sure, it’s not an easy freebie that you simply fill in the form and they send you something free. But, that easy free sample is also not worth nearly as much. Don’t get me wrong, I love easy free samples too. But, this is potentially huge!

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Don’t miss your opportunity to get a FREE stock from a trusted and mature trading platform! Easy to use and learn!

How They Select Your Free Stocks

The free stock is one share, which is selected randomly and determined by an algorithm. The value of the share may be anywhere between $3 and $200, and fluctuates based on market movements.

How to get free stock

  1. Receive and click on a referral link from an existing dough customer or download the app.
  2. Download the dough app from the referral link and complete the application for a brokerage account.
  3. Obtain approval to open a brokerage account.
  4. Receive a share of free stock within seven business days.
  5. Electronically link an approved external financial account and deposit $25.00 USD into your dough account before withdrawing any proceeds from the sale of your free stock.

Where to find your free stock

Your free share(s) of stock should appear under “Your Investments” in the dough app within seven business days of completing the steps for “How do I get a free stock?” above.

About Dough

dough is the online broker radically challenging the status quo and changing wealth creation. Located in Chicago and backed by tastytrade, Inc., dough is what investing should be: focused on the retail investor, commission-free stock trading, zero account minimums, and iOS and Android apps filled with real world opportunities for better decision making. dough is on a mission to bring understanding to risk, removing it as a barrier and creating a new offering that is equal parts brokerage, education, and everyday insight through its media company. Fully licensed in 50 states and 3 jurisdictions to provide brokerage services, customers can trade stocks and ETFs listed on a U.S. exchange.

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