Nationwide Cinnamon Recall Due to Lead

URGENT! Cinnamon Recalled for Dangerous Levels of Lead If you’ve purchased cinnamon, then don’t miss this recall! Because the FDA has warned that cinnamon spices sold at stores nationwide such as Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Save-a-Lot could make you sick. This is expanded from the Applesauce Recall we told you about recently. The FDA … Read more

RECALL: Applesauce Sold at Dollar Tree Stores Recalled for Lead

Nationwide Applesauce Recall: Sickening Kids from Coast to Coast Updated: A North Carolina family is suing a Florida-based applesauce maker and retail giant Dollar Tree, claiming both companies failed to ensure certain applesauce pouches marketed toward children were safe before putting them on store shelves. As of January 26, 2024, the CDC says it has received 404 … Read more

Nationwide Quaker Recall for Salmonella Poisoning!

Nationwide Quaker Granola Bars & Cereal Recall (Salmonella) Recently, the popular snack brands Quaker Chewy Granola Bars and Quaker Cereal issued a voluntary recall of certain varieties of their product due to concerns over salmonella contamination. According to the company, the recall affects a limited number of boxes of the Chewy Granola Bars, including the … Read more

URGENT! Banquet Chicken Strips Recalled

URGENT! Banquet Chicken Strips Recalled

URGENT! Banquet Chicken Strips Recalled If you’ve purchased chicken, then don’t miss this recall! Frozen chicken strips produced this year are subject to a nationwide recall. They could still be in your freezer, so take note and then go look! The USDA announced a new recall you should be aware of regarding Banquet chicken. What … Read more

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