Hey Bullseye! Secret to Get Accepted In Target’s Test Panel

Target Needs Product Testers! Bullseye Insiders is OPEN

If you love shopping at Target, you don’t want to miss this! Because Target is looking for product testers, and they are open right now! Be sure to read the steps involved in getting signed up for this. You will join their consumer panel, and by being an active member you could be invited to test products at your home – and keep them!

How to Join Hey Bullseye Sampling Program

Before I explain how to join I want to clarify something. There are two Target Product Test communities.

First, Bullseye Insiders which is open to apply for right now. You must participate regularly and be active. Then, they’ll contact the best members to join the second community: Hey Bullseye. In other words, Hey Bullseye is by invite only. Hey Bullseye gives some of the best product tests we’ve seen, including huge, expensive items. And, they often reward members with gift cards!

What is Bullseye Insiders?

Bullseye Insiders is a consumer community, sponsored by Target stores.

Welcome! This is a place where you can help Target develop products and experiences that better meet your needs. Join us to share your voice and hear what others say. This is your opportunity to make a difference β€” it’s your chance to be heard!

Join the Bullseye Insiders (see our tips!) and be active! Then, look for an invite into the exclusive Hey Bullseye club! It’s an invite-only product testing club with even bigger and better freebies! Be sure to read my tips before applying!

What’s the difference between Bullseye Insiders and Hey Bullseye?

This is a two-step process to free products from Target. The first step is joining Bullseye Insiders. There you’ll give your opinion on Target products and other market research. If you’re active, they regularly invite active members to join the exclusive Hey Bullseye group. It’s Hey Bullseye that get tons of great products free to test and keep!

So, head on over and join! But be sure to see our Current Status TIPS to save yourself from being disqualified!


Target Needs Product Testers! Bullseye Insiders OPEN

TIPS to Joining Bullseye Insiders

CURRENT STATUS: Bullseye Insiders is OPEN and it’s available to everyone.

But, from feedback we’ve received in our groups, certain demographics are getting in where others are not. Currently, it seems that Hispanic/Latino Males, in the telecommunications field but not associated with PR or marketing or anything, age 25-34, in the Midwest (Ohio to be exact) are getting in. However, others such as older white females in other states are NOT.

If you don’t qualify, it will look like you get an error or page not found. But, if you qualify right now you will not get that error. Of course, we are not suggesting that you say you’re someone you’re not. Use this information to save yourself time, as the application takes about 10 minutes. I did determine the validity of this tip by signing up as a male Latino in Ohio and I got all the way through without an error.

Target Hey Bullseye Product Tests – Examples

So, you might wonder what kind of products Target gives to Hey Bullseye members. They give everything from women’s, men’s & children’s accessories & clothing, neck pillows, backpacks, lunch boxes, cleaning products, luggage, games such as cornhole, horseshoes, bocce ball, disc golf and beerpong, and much more! If it’s sold at Target, you could be getting it free.


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