Target RedCard Coupon: Free 5% off every purchase! + FREE Shipping

Target RedCard: Free 5% off every purchase!

If you shop at Target, then don’t miss this great offer! Because, with the Target RedCard you’ll get 5% off every purchase, and FREE Shipping at Target’s website. Additionally, you’ll get an 30 extra days for returns! That’s like getting a 5% coupon on EVERYTHING at Target and online! And, it’s instant savings! If you don’t have a Target REDcard, you can get one asap!

Why Target RedCard?

In my personal experience, the RedCard has saved me so much money with that extra 5% off everything. I mean, that really adds up! For example, when my niece was expecting, my mom (first-time great grandma!) wanted to get her a crib. So, I used my RedCard to get it for 5% off with free shipping. Somehow I managed to order the wrong color, but that’s another story.

That worked so well, when my other niece was expecting, my mom said let’s do it again! So, I ordered another crib for my grand-nephew. And, somehow again I managed to get the color wrong! (This time, I blame my sister!) Anyway, she was able to return the crib with almost no hassle. Okay, there was a tense moment when the delivery driver picked up the return and didn’t say anything so we weren’t sure if it was picked up or stolen. But, that worked itself out and all was well. And, I digress.

On those cribs, we saved around $20 each just by putting them on the RedCard with its 5% off purchases. Of course, you should always pay off credit cards in full to avoid interest.

RedCard App

Target’s app has a section where you can link your RedCard and even pay at the register without having your physical card on you. Be sure to set it up before you head out to shop, because linking it will require that you know things. Ask me why I know that. lol

Regardless, the app makes it super convenient to pay in store. Just open the Target app, open the “Wallet” in app, and tap Show my Barcode. This will also apply any digital coupons you’ve saved to your account.

Target RedCard Debit vs Credit Card

Target’s RedCard comes in two flavors: credit or debit. Of course, debit will come straight out of your account and credit is, well, credit. In other words, with credit you charge a purchase and pay it when the payment is due the following month. You’ll need to decide which is best for you, but both come with awesome advantages such as the 5% off and the initial bonus to save $40 off $40 (or, on rare occasions they have $50 off $50).

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