The Secret to Getting Free Magazines for Nothing

The Secret to Getting Free Magazines for Nothing

If you’re wondering where to get free magazines by mail, then you need to read this! Because we have secret tips and tricks that will show you how to get free magazines and where to look. I’m not talking about silly magazines either, these are great publications that everyone loves. Such as lifestyle magazines, free craft magazines, fashion magazines, recipes, coupons, and more; and you can choose digital versions or publications by mail. So, don’t wait! Head on over and sign up for free magazines, right now.

Where to Find Free Magazines Online

If that’s not obvious already, the easy answer is RIGHT HERE on! Just browse through the available mags, and choose the ones you’d like to receive.

Totally Free LEGO Life Magazine by Mail

Totally Free LEGO Life Magazine by Mail

LEGO Life Magazine: FREE Subscription for Kids - Worldwide If you love LEGOs, then don't miss this awesome freebie! With ...
2-Years Better Homes & Gardens Magazine by Mail!

2-Years Better Homes & Gardens Magazine by Mail!

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Free Paw Print Magazine with Free Shipping

Free Paw Print Magazine with Free Shipping

Free Paw Print Magazine with Free Shipping If you have a pet or pets, then don't miss this freebie! Because PawPrint ...
FREE Vogue Magazine Subscription by Mail (2 Years)

FREE Vogue Magazine Subscription by Mail (2 Years)

FREE Vogue Magazine Subscription by Mail If you love fashion and entertainment, then grab this free Vogue magazine subscription (a ...
FREE Homes & Land Magazine! (No CC Req'd)

FREE Homes & Land Magazine! (No CC Req’d)

FREE Homes & Land Magazine! (No Credit Card  Required) If you love the housing market, don't miss this FREE copy ...
Free Year of Golf Magazine Subscription + Free Shipping

Free Year of Golf Magazine Subscription + Free Shipping

Free Year of Golf Magazine Subscription + Free Shipping Do you golf or know someone who does? I'm not an ...
Free Netflix Jr Magazine Subscription by Mail! (No CC Req'd)

Free Netflix Jr Magazine Subscription by Mail! (No CC Req’d)

Free Netflix Jr Magazine Subscription by Mail! (No CC Req'd) If you know a kid who loves the shows on ...
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Recyclebank Review – Is Recycle Bank a Scam or Legit?

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To claim your free magazines:

  1. Go to RewardBee and take a short 1-page survey, you’ll get rewards instantly to spend on whichever magazine you want.
  2. Then, head to Value Mags here and see what’s available!
  3. Check out Reward Survey, take a survey and earn $30 which you can spend on free subscriptions.
  4. Don’t miss Mercury Magazines for more free magazines – both digital and by mail. Go here to check what’s available.
  5. What list of free magazines would be complete without TradePub? Then, there’s FreeBizMag which goes hand in hand with TradePub.
  6. Another popular site that works with magazine publications to give free mags to qualified people is Rewards Gold. However, they’re currently revamping how their program works, so stay tuned.

Who Loves Free Magazines?

Whether it’s dear Aunt Sally or a loved one who is currently an inmate, people love getting free magazines. After all, why would you pay for them when you can score them free? And, by free I mean you will not receive a bill and there’s nothing to cancel. When we say freemagazines, we mean free!

This isn’t some scam or trick either. As you know, we are the home of freeBfinder’s Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid. In other words, we actually warn our readers about freebies that are too good to be true, because they aren’t true. We only post real, legit offers that you can really get 100% free.

Tip: Magazines Make Great Gifts!

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Magazine Subscriptions?

You may think it’s a bit unbelievable for magazines to give away subscriptions. But, actually, it makes a lot of sense! There are many top magazine publishers, such as Time Inc., Hearst Magazines, Conde Nast Publications, American Media, Inc., Werner Media, The Reader’s Digest Association, Bauer publishing, Bonnier, Rodale, National Geographic Society, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Many may think magazines make more on advertising than subscriptions, so they give away their magazines. But, that’s not actually the case. The number one way magazines earn money is through subscriptions. However, their subscribers tend to be loyal and reliable. In other words, they will continue their subscription. So, why give away subscriptions? Simply stated, magazines give away subscriptions to entice new subscribers. So, while there are no strings attached, and when your free subscription is done you don’t have to do anything to “cancel” or anything like that – they hope you will continue.

The second biggest way magazines make money is by advertising. When People magazine sells advertising space to companies, they include with it their publication’s circulation. In other words, how many magazines do they sell? Of course, this number includes print and online subscriptions. With higher numbers, they can sell more advertising and make more money. So, it’s a win-win.

So, magazines may contract with companies such as Mercury Magazines, Rewards Gold, or RewardBee, to help legitimately give away their magazine and increase the number of viewers and therefore keep ad revenue high. In some cases, magazine publishers want to know their audience so they may ask questions in a survey. However, this isn’t an endless survey that gets you nothing. These are legit and you will get your free magazine.

Free Magazines are a Tremendous Value

Magazine subscriptions range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per year. For example, Sports Illustrated costs $233 per year if you buy it at newsstands or grocery stores and pay the cover price. Subscriptions are cheaper. For example, SI costs only $20 a year on Amazon.

More Perks: Sweepstakes and Coupons

In addition to saving money with free magazine subscriptions, did you know that magazines often have money-saving coupons in them? They do!

And, magazines have been known to give away some of the best, high-value prizes in their contest and sweepstakes.

Do I have to Cancel a Free Magazine Subscription?

Of course, you will not receive a bill for this, and you do NOT need to enter a credit card so they can’t charge you. The free magazines we post on freeBfinderFreebies are thoroughly vetted to ensure there are no strings attached. In other words, there’s nothing to cancel. You will not be charged for the magazine.

But, what if you do receive a bill for a free magazine? If you follow that link, then you can read our recommendations. Magazines will send you offers to continue their magazine for a very low cost. This is 100% optional. You don’t have to take any action to cancel your free subscription. But, if you want to continue you’ll need to set that up with them.

Are these really free magazines that are mailed to me?

Yes! Most magazine subscriptions take around 8-10 weeks, and you will start getting the magazine in your mailbox. We also occasionally share digital magazines that are specifically for reading on your iPad or other device. Many of our fans have said they prefer mailed magazines. However, then you have to deal with all those magazines! If you’re drowning in magazines at your house, check out the fun recycled magazine craft projects and ideas for what to do with old magazines that we’ve shared.


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