Thinx Settlement, Claim Your $10 Payment if you Filed!

UPDATE! If you made a claim in this case before the deadline, CHECK YOUR EMAIL and claim the payment. You must claim your payment or it will not be distributed to you. In other words, you will miss out!

This settlement expired on April 12, 2023. However, if you filed in time, it is now time to check your email and claim your settlement payment.

Once you click “Claim Payment” in your email, you will be given several options for how you want your money. I chose Amazon, but Paypal, Visa gift card, and various other options are available. Mine said that my payment would be ready on Monday, August 7. So, don’t forget to go back and get it.

Don’t miss out!

Thinx Underwear Class Action Settlement, Claim $10.50 with No Receipts!

If you bought Thinx Period Underwear between November 12, 2016, and November 28, 2022, you may be entitled to a partial refund. The lawsuit alleges the presence of harmful chemicals in their proeducts. A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit called Dickens, et al. v. Thinx Inc., No. 1:22- cv-4286-JMF, pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

How do I file a claim?

Head on over to the website, where you can learn more and file a claim. You can file online with or without a unique ID, and you can also file by mail.

What’s this settlement about?

The lawsuit involves Thinx Period Underwear and asserts allegations regarding short chain perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”), Agion anti-microbial treatment, and the organic cotton line of the underwear.

Thinx denies all of the allegations made in the lawsuit and denies that Thinx did anything improper or unlawful. With respect to PFAS, Thinx confirms that PFAS have never been a part of its product design, and that it will continue to take measures to help ensure that PFAS are not intentionally added to Thinx Period Underwear at any stage of production. The proposed settlement is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing of any kind by Thinx.

Which Products are Included? Where were they sold?

There’s a drop-down list of stores where they’re sold, including Amazon, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and more.

  • Air Bikini (includes cotton and air)
  • Boyshort (includes classic and cotton)
  • Cheeky
  • Cotton Brief
  • Cotton Thong
  • French Cut
  • Hiphugger (includes classic and air)
  • Hi-Waist
  • Sport
  • Thong
  • Other bundle

Who is eligible for a refund?

The Settlement Class includes all natural persons who purchased, not for resale, the following Thinx Period Underwear in the United States from November 12, 2016 to November 28, 2022: Cotton Brief, Cotton Bikini, Cotton Thong, Sport, Hiphugger, Hi-Waist, Boyshort, French Cut, Cheeky, and Thong (“Thinx Period Underwear”).

Is a receipt required?

Proof of purchase is not required. However, if you have receipts, you may be able to claim more.

How much will I get back?

Those who submit a valid claim can choose either cash reimbursement (up to 3 pairs, total), or a voucher.

With receipts: you may receive a $7.00 refund for each purchase of up to 3 pairs of Thinx period underwear (total of up to $21.00).

Without proof of purchase: You may receive a $3.50 refund for each purchase of up to 3 pairs of Thinks Period Underwear (total of up to $10.50).

You can opt for digital payment or check in the mail. Note: there’s nowhere to enter your digital payment information, so watch your email for instructions to claim if you choose digital payment.

What’s the deadline to file a claim?

April 12, 2023, is the Deadline to File a Claim Form.

What is a class action lawsuit settlement?

For example, a class action lawsuit is one with multiple plaintiffs. In other words, there are more than one person being represented by the lawsuit. In other words, a plaintiff or plaintiffs file the case on behalf of many people who were affected by aren’t involved in the actual suit. For example, if you purchased an item that was later determined to be involved in a class action lawsuit, you may be entitled to compensation. If you’re included in the class or group of people affected, then you can file a claim to receive money, coupons or replacement products. But, each case is different, and each will specify who is included. In addition, class action lawsuits may require proof that you are part of the group of affected people. In this case, proof of purchase or other specified proof is needed. However, in some cases, no proof is required. In that case, you can file a claim without proving that you are part of the class of people affected. Of course, when you file a claim you are doing so under penalty of perjury. So, do not file if you do not qualify.

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