Top 40 Best Websites for Scoring Freebies

Top 40 Best Websites for Scoring Freebies

Learning where to find the best websites for freebies or free samples will save you a lot of time and effort on everything your family needs. Companies often send free samples or coupons through the mail to promote their products. You can also get free samples by signing up for rewards programs at your favorite stores. We have all of the tips and tricks, and we find free sampling offers and share them with our fans.

Where to find real free things online?

If you’re looking for the best websites for freebies, then look no further!

I started my website,, over 10 years ago. In the beginning, I often put in 20+ hours a day. I made every mistake in the book and learned from it. Now, I try to teach my readers how to avoid costly and painful mistakes, while sharing the best free stuff you can find anywhere. I do this by teaching you what a freebie is, and what it isn’t. Learning where to find these free samples, free stuff, discounts, or deals can save you a significant amount of time and money on a variety of stuff.

Why do companies offer free things?

Have you ever wondered why a company would give things away for free? More and more companies are offering free stuff, discount offers, recycling efforts, and Internet loss leaders. For example, toilet paper, milk, and eggs are typical examples of loss leaders in grocery stores. They’re priced very low to bring customers into the store. And, they’re placed in the back of the store, so customers will have the chance to buy lots of regularly priced items.

Rebates are another form of loss leader; you can actually get stuff totally free after rebate. Then you’re a customer, and the store or company has the ability to sell you more stuff. It’s a win-win.

Get Free Stuff

How to get free stuff online?

So, it’s important to understand what to expect. We share several types of freebies, and all are similar in that they’re 100% free and totally legitimate. But, knowing what to expect will help set you up for success!

  • Free Samples by Mail and In-Store: These freebies are small, often just enough to try to see if you like them. We only share free things if shipping is also free, and there are no strings attached. In other words, they’re easy freebies.
  • Free with Coupons and Full-Size Freebies in Stores: We do what’s known as  “matchups”, we find sales, rebates, coupons, and in-store specials which result in free products when you combine them.
  • Product Tests or Apply to Try: Some companies partner with market research firms to get a feel for what their consumers want in their products. For example, Tide may hire Pinecone Research to find a specific target audience who will buy their laundry detergent, send them a sample of a new scent, and then gather up the findings to help make their products better and more successful. The catch is, you have to apply to try these samplings and not everyone will be chosen. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense for the manufacturer and for the sampling community!
  • Sweepstakes, Contests, Instant Win Games and Giveaways: These are all different ways to say there’s a set amount of prizes and you can enter to win them. Not everyone wins; but, we share the most winnable ones. Because some sweepstakes have entry methods that require a purchase or donation; we don’t share those unless there’s a free entry method.

Top 5 Absolute Best Free Stuff Sites

Freebie WebsiteFree StuffFree with CouponsApply to TrySweep & IWG

Top 40+ Best Websites for Freebies and Free Samples by Mail

Here are 40 free stuff websites I review, in order of best to worst.

1. freeBfinder Freebies

Of course, we’re going to list our site first as the best website for freebies. But, hear me out. While many freebie sites have free things you can request, also shares things you shouldn’t. In other words, we are the home of the original Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid. Why is that important? Because, to avoid scams and spam, you need to know which offers are legit, and which aren’t.

Therefore, following a reputable free stuff site like freeBfinderFreebies will not only get you dozens of new freebies each and every day, updated 24/7 by a team of experts, but it will also keep you safe online. It’s that simple.

What makes Freebfinder the Best Free Sample Site Online?

In addition to free samples and freebies by mail, freeBfinderFreebies is widely known for the biggest roundup lists anywhere, which makes it easy to find all the freebies you could ever want in one place. For example, our 500+ Birthday Freebies list is the biggest we’ve seen anywhere. And, we feature dozens of national holiday roundups as well. In other words, Where to get Free Bagels on National Bagel Day and Where to get Free Pizza on National Pizza Day. Surprisingly, there are national days for just about everything – from taco day, chocolate chip cookie day, lemonade day, donut day, ice cream day, and more! We also post tons of free events!

We share every free thing you can find online, and even some in your local stores! With close to 100 categories, you can’t go wrong. There are surveys, free product tests with and without reviews, as well as the most winnable sweepstakes and instant win games.

Of course, freeBfinderFreebies also posts all the hottest new freebies first – all day long. Being first makes a HUGE difference! Imagine a free sample that only the first 1,000 will get. What if you follow a freebie site that’s usually a day behind all the others?

So, go sign up for our free instant freebie alerts [sign up here], so you don’t miss all of the wonderful free offers, from free beauty and makeup to free baby items, clothes, jewelry, free money and gift cards, healthy freebies, free food & restaurants, free magazines, and so much more!


Vonbeau, run by a husband and wife team, is also updated early and often. They post only legit offers, from free stuff to deals, product tests, coupons, sweepstakes and more. That’s why it’s one of the best websites for freebies.

3. Free Stuff Times

FST has been around for years, run by Chris (I’ve yet to determine if that’s a guy or girl!) It’s updated frequently, but not as often as it once was. Free Stuff Times used to be a forum, and it seemed like Chris had superpowers of finding things before anyone else! Over the years that has mellowed, but it’s still a great site. Very no-nonsense and sometimes the posts have nothing more than a URL. That can be challenging for a beginner who may need more instruction and explanation.

But, for the very experienced it’s one of the best websites for freebies. LINK

4. Slickdeals / Freebie Forum

Slickdeals has been around for a long time. Their forum is fairly easy to navigate, but the downside is anyone can post anything there. Sure, things will be downvotes eventually, but that takes time. And, if you sign up for a scam there’s no one to save you.

So, again, I recommend this for seasoned freebie hunters. Everyone else should use one of the sites above because it’s not the best website for freebies if you don’t know how to spot a fake. LINK

5. MWFreebies

For being a one-woman show with a full-time job, Megan deserves to be in the top 10! She’s run a Facebook freebie group for years and then came to work as a freeBfinderGirl, blogging freebies for She realized she wanted to branch out and start her own website, now known as Of course, I was happy to help her get started, now she’s built it into a great resource that’s updated daily. LINK

6. Yo! Free Samples

Yo!FreeSamples updates their site every day, and is often first on the freebie scene like most of the best websites for freebies are. They also post deals, freebies, sweepstakes, and roundups. LINK

7. Freebie-Depot

Freebie-Depot has “hot lists” including birthdays, weddings, and newly married. They do roundups which make finding freebies fairly easy. LINK

8. Freebie Shark is run by a guy named Jason, who updates the site with deals, free stuff and sweepstakes regularly. LINK


We’ve link-shared with in our posts for years. They post good, legit freebies and they’re usually timely. They also post coupons, deals, sweepstakes, and more. If you sign up for their daily emails, you’ll see that they sometimes have hundreds of things – but its because they list any and all of the coupons available. LINK

10. Internet Steals and Deals

Run by Becky who calls herself “freebie lady”, Internet Steals and Deals is a good site to find hot deals, as well as freebies in-store and by mail. LINK

Other Freebie Sites

While the top 10 freebie sites listed above are above average, these sites are okay. But, for one reason or another, they’re just not the best websites for freebies. So, bear that in mind. We mean absolutely no disrespect to these sites.

11. Julie’s Freebies & The Freebie Guy

Although these are two different websites, Julie’s and That Freebie Guy are run by the same guy. Yes, Julie’s is a dude. Nothing wrong with that though, right? He bought Julie’s site and her huge Facebook page from Julie a few years ago. He lists coupons, freebies, etc. But, his main focus seems to be giveaways.

12. That Freebie Guy

See Julie’s Freebies above.

13. It’s All Free Online

Run by a guy named Matt, It’s All Free Online has freebies, free samples, sweepstakes, and deals. It’s a very good place to find real, legit freebies. LINK

14. Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder is one of the biggest freebie sites around. Run by a lady named Tina, they share deals, giveaways, and discounts which are updated daily. Their focus is on deals, not freebies. So, while they do update regularly they don’t always have as much free stuff.

15. Freebie Mom

Speaking of big sites, Freebie Mom, formerly Coupon Clippinista, is run by a gal named Stephanie. She built her Facebook page to over 5 million followers (I think, it might have been more!?) But, then FB deleted her page. Unfortunately, some of her promotional methods were confusing and misunderstood by people, who reported her. In other words, they thought she was a scam site claiming to be giving all kinds of huge prizes.

She has now recreated several pages and groups. And, she has clarified that the giveaways she shares are national giveaways and sweepstakes that she’s found; they aren’t her own. However, if you’re new to her page you may not realize all she’s doing is leading you to a national sweepstakes. LINK

16. Hunt4Freebies

Once one of the best freebie sites around, Hunt4Freebies seems to have backed off on posting as often. Run by a couple, Mike and Michele, they’re still a good one to check out. LINK


HIF is run by a silly goose who calls himself Goob, but his real name is Ryan. used to update the site more often, but it’s still a great resource. And, more importantly, his sense of humor comes through on every post. LINK

18. I Crave Freebies

Similarly to other free samples sites, I Crave Freebies shares coupons, discounts, free product samples, and surveys. However, they don’t seem to be updated as often as most of the Top 10 sites.

19. isn’t updated often, and they don’t show you dates so you wouldn’t know that their offers aren’t new. And, are probably more advertising than anything.

20. is not updated regularly. You’ll find advertisements and the most basic free things on the front page, because those things take a long time to expire.

21. is another site that is not updated regularly. You’ll find advertisements and the most basic free things on the front page, because those things take a long time to expire.

22. started as a print magazine more than 30 years ago. They share giveaways and offers for the USA, UK, and Canada, but are not updated regularly (although they claim to be updated every 24 hours). They “update” with advertisements and basic free samples that don’t quickly expire, so it’s not the best website for freebies.

23. Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff appears to have a ton of free things, however they’re mostly misleading or advertisements.

24. was once a top freebie site, but has slowed down and doesn’t update offers as often. They tend to stick to advertisements and basic free samples which don’t expire.

25. Just Free Stuff

While this site was once highly regarded, they have backed off on posting fresh new content as the Top 10 do. They still have lots of offers, they’re just more advertisements and stale freebies.

26. Freeflys got a bad rap when they made it seem as though you were signing up for samples when you signed up for them. It does appear as though they still share real, new freebies. However, they’re somewhat confusing to a new freebie lover. In other words, they will mix in the scammy “complete an offer” posts with regular posts, so it’s hard to tell which is legit.

27. I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things is run by a guy named Vlad. It’s another site with lots of freebies. It seems as though they’ve stopped sharing as frequently as they once did, which happens with a lot of freebie sites who experience burnout.

28. CouponPro Blog

Run by a guy named Roland, Coupon Pro has mostly free and deals with coupon scenarios. However, it doesn’t appear as if his site is updated as often as it once was.

Freebie Sites I Don’t Recommend

29. GetItFree

GetItFree is one that I’d love to recommend, but I don’t. They’ve been known to advertise that they’re giving really expensive stuff away for free. However, what they’re doing is getting people to sign up. Sure, they share some actual real freebies. But, their site can be confusing to newbies, and those people will never get anything free at GetItFree. I put it in the list to show the difference from this site to the best websites for freebies.

30. TeenFreeway

Stay away from this one! They post the same things as the top 10, but they cloak their offers in nonsense. In other words, they make it seem like THEY are giving something away. You have to sign up and give your address to them. But, then they email you a list of freebies that you have to request – just like the freebies that you would find on the top 10 freebie sites above. Except, the top 10 sites don’t make you jump through all these silly hoops.

31. Deal News

Deal News is another one I don’t recommend because I’ve seen them post spam and scams / fakes.

32. Shop4Freebies

Shop4Freebies has gone out of business, and now redirects to (see above).

Freebies on Search Engines & Social Network

While you may get lucky and find the latest, greatest things by searching, there’s no way for us to keep you safe if you do. That’s why we ultimately recommend that you use one of the above Freebie sites instead.

You’ll see us posting freebies on these search engines and social media channels, but only after we’ve thoroughly vetted the offer to be real, legit, and safe.

33. Reddit r/freebies

Reddit is the gateway to the Internet, so it stands to reason they’re going to have a lot of stuff posted. After all, they’re one of the biggest websites online. The good news is, they do have good freebies. The bad news is, they also have bad freebies you’ll want to avoid. So, until you’re an expert and knowing which offers are safe, stick with one of the above sites instead.

34. Google

It might sound silly, but you can find free stuff on Google. Especially with this tip! If you restrict the date to show only things from the past hour, you’ll find the newest freebies. However, there’s no filter on these so any scam could be listed. That’s why again, I recommend that you use one of the top 10 instead. Google Search for Free Stuff in the past hour.

35. Facebook

While we share everything to Facebook, not every site is as scrupulous. So, be careful.

  • Facebook search for freebie HERE
  • Facebook search for free sample HERE

36. Twitter

Please be careful, there’s lots of spam here! Stick with the Top 10 listed above.

  • Twitter search for freebie HERE
  • Twitter search for free sample HERE

37. Instagram

Instafreebies are some of our favorites, but if you want the safest Instafreesamples, then stick with us and we’ll share them on freeBfinderFreebies.

  • Instagram Search for freebie HERE
  • Instagram search for free sample HERE

Freecycling – a different type of freebie

Of course, these next few are not standard freebies. However, this is sort of a different category of free things, because it’s generally going to be used or pre-owned. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not the same as the above freebie sites.

38. Craigslist

While I hesitate to include Craigslist, it deserves a mention because you can get local free things there. Of course, if you’re meeting someone in person, you will want to be vigilant and careful because they’re total strangers. This spirit of giving and keeping things out of landfills known as free recycling, or freecycling, also spills over into the next two entries.

39. Freecycle

The Freecycle Network, or Freecycle, is a non-profit recycling effort made up of nearly 9 million members. The gist of it is that neighbors offer good, still-usable items that they no longer want or need. If it is something you can use, then you’d contact the person making the offer and speak for the item, arrange pickup, and both parties benefit. Plus, the item doesn’t end up in a landfill. Each area has their own group, run by local, volunteer moderator(s) – with over 5,000 groups worldwide. You can locate your local group by searching on their website. Once hosted on Yahoo!Groups email servers, many of the groups were moved to Freecycle’s own website.

40. The ReUseIt Network

Similarly, the ReUseIt Network serves as a portal to give you access and information on hundreds of freecycling groups worldwide. The freecycling spin-off site also lists local groups so you can find one near you.

41. Recycle the World

Recycle the World is another freecycling website that allows you to post and find free stuff. Whether you are looking to get rid of unwanted items or are looking for something specific, the site lets you target your local area. It also provides a search tool to help you find recycling centers near you.

42. Recyclebank

Another great way to recycle, but different than the first three freecycling type sites, Recyclebank offers points for tasks and rewards you can “buy” with those free points.


While most freebie sites in our best websites for freebies recommended list above share free with coupon posts, you can also score coupons on these sites.

43. Coupons “dot” com

Couponing has become a super popular way to save money. Some say it’s the only way to legally print money at home. While you can find coupons in your Sunday newspaper and in magazines, you can also quickly print coupons online from more than 2,000 brands at They even have a mobile app!

44. SmartSource Coupons

You may recognize the name from your Sunday Paper Coupon inserts. has free printable coupons for everything from groceries to beauty products and weight loss products or home improvement and lawn & garden.

45. The Krazy Coupon Lady

Extreme couponing website, The Krazy Coupon Lady, shares freebies, but mostly shares coupon related deals.



There are tens of thousands of websites which offer consumers great ways to save, and try before they buy. I created this list to help you, the freebie seeker, find those that share real, legit freebies, free samples, and deals that suit your needs. Each has different features, and each is set up differently. This way, you can choose the online resources that work best for you, whether you want birthday freebies, discounted items, coupon codes or free stuff all year round.


Types of Freebies

“Easy Freebies”

Firstly, easy freebies are just that – super easy to get. You just follow the hyperlinks from this website to the offering company’s site and give them your shipping information so they can send you a freebie. Everyone who requests one properly gets one. They’re often small, free samples of products. Find all of the Easy Freebies by Mail on our website!

Product Tests

Secondly, Product Tests, on the other hand, have a few more steps. But, since they’re usually full-size products and more valuable items, it’s worth it! Sometimes there may be a short survey so that you can be matched up with the products and/or companies looking for people like you. And product tests always have a limited supply of free things, so you’re applying to get the freebie but it’s not guaranteed. Often, product tests require that you try the item and review it or tell them what you think of it. Not to be confused with “free with a review.” See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.


Thirdly, Free with Review products often come from Amazon sellers who are looking to boost their products trustworthiness to potential buyers. They’ll give away a product if you promise to review.


Fourthly, Giveaways, Sweepstakes or Contests require you to submit an entry to win. There are a limited number of prizes, and not everyone wins. The items are often very valuable and well worth taking a chance on winning!


Fifthly, Free with Coupons – just like it sounds! We match up store sales, rebates, cash back, coupons and more to score totally free stuff that you can pick up at your local store.


Honorable mention: surveys. I hesitate to even say “surveys” because so many people incorrectly believe freebie sites are scams that just make you take endless surveys. That’s not true, and that’s not us. If you’re taking endless surveys you’re doing something wrong. How to get free stuff: You just follow the links from this website,, which you’re on right now, to get to the offering company’s webpage. From there, follow the directions we shared on this website to get your free stuff.

Want to learn more about Freebies?

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