Where to Get Up to 100% off Amazon with Review


Where to Get Up to 100% off Amazon with Review

As you may have heard, Amazon has banned Incentive Reviews. That means companies who sell on Amazon can no longer offer free items (or coupon codes for discounted items) in exchange for requiring a customer to write a review on Amazon. In light of this news, we’ve put together a list of Amazon Review programs that have adapted to the changes in Amazon review guidelines by no longer requiring reviews or even asking for them.

Top 46 Amazon Review Sites to Get Free Products

  1. Amazon Vine – is an invitation-only program by Amazon.com.  Amazon invites customers to become Vine Voices based on their reviewer rank, which is a reflection of the quality and helpfulness of their reviews as judged by other Amazon customers. Amazon Vine offers Free Product to review, and requires that you write honest reviews, whether they are positive or negative. To be selected to participate in Amazon Vine, write honest and helpful reviews of everything you buy on Amazon and you could be selected.
  2. Dollar Review Club – effective immediately, reviews (while appreciated) are now optional. In lei of reviews you can now purchase $1 “purchase slots” instead. Should you choose to provide a review, you are not to include a disclosure. You’re no longer receiving products in exchange for a review so disclosures are not to be included as the review is optional.
  3. Elite Deal Club – no reviews are required.
  4. Review Kick –  no longer request or require any consumer who purchases a product using a coupon through their site to leave a review. With that in mind, they will review and redo their deals page in the coming days.
  5. Testzon – says they’re working to make their program compatible with Amazon’s new rules
  6. Uberzon – is 100% free to join. They offer some nice items and send out daily emails listing free and discounted products available. They do not require any reviews on items.
  7. Product Testing Group – members no longer need to provide their Reviewer Profile URL in order to receive discount codes, and they are not required or expected to leave a review in exchange for the discount. Sellers continue to offer their discounted items as a quick way to see how the marketplace responds to their products. All members are expected to comply with Amazon’s new policy.
  8. Brand Aware Club – you can choose to post on Amazon or elsewhere
  9. All-Star Reviews – email based group offering free products for Amazon reviews
  10. Amazing Deals Group – very active and a large variety of products available
  11. Amazing Discounts Club – seems to be offline for now
  12. Amazon Review Trader – reviews are not required.
  13. Amazon Review Club aka  AMZRC – group now states that reviews are not required.
  14. AMZ One Club – has changed their name to AMZ One Club. Reviews are no longer required.
  15. Amziing – free and heavily discounted items for review
  16. AmzSpecial  – costs 99 cents per month
  17. BestOne Reviews
  18. Better Discounts
  19. Blue Ribbon Reviews
  20. BuView – more than just Amazon reviews
  21. Deal Go! Go! Go!
  22. Deals for Reviews
  23. etailz – not accepting new members
  24. Giveaway Nation
  25. Giveaway Service
  26. Home Product Testing – costs $4 per month
  27. Honest Few
  28. I Love to Review – updating their status. Reviews will not be required.
  29. Jungle Launch
  30. Kixsports Review Club  – soccer and sporting goods reviews
  31. LootHoot –
  32. OnWeGo VIP Club – travel and outdoor gear
  33. Reviewer Club
  34. Review Directory
  35. Review Effect, The
  36. Review Loop – invite only
  37. Review Club – invite-only and the more you do/share the more you can request
  38. Review Launchpad  – seems to be offline
  39. Reviewer Group – available for USA, UK and Germany
  40. Reviews 4 Success
  41. Reviews for Free
  42. Smiley360 – typically not an Amazon review, but they could be. They’ve asked members to review products on other merchant websites such as Walmart.com
  43. True Opinion
  44. Trust Review Network
  45. VIP Power Club


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