TurboTax: How to File Federal & State Tax Returns Free

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TurboTax: How to File Federal & State Tax Returns Free

There are several options to file federal free. But, if you’ve wondered how to file state taxes free too, then this one’s for you! A few years back, TurboTax announced a new product which offers qualifying customers Absolutely Zero dollars to file their taxes. Zero for Federal, Zero for State, and Zero to File, for simple returns with TurboTax Federal Free Edition. We are excited to share our best free ever with YOU!

File your Federal AND State taxes FREE with TurboTax for a limited time! Absolute Zero! $0 Fed. $0 State. $0 to File! It’s easy, and they guide you through the whole thing!

My TurboTax Review

I’ve been using Turbotax to file my taxes since the early 90s. I’d like to think I was among the first to use them (just call me the TTOG), but actually they began in 1984! If you hear the screeching of modems, you’re not wrong. We’re talking long before the Internet was widely available. They the original, and in my opinion they’re the best.

Save Money

I used H&R Block once, and they did a good job. But, personally, I felt like they charged too much. Of course, my taxes have always been somewhat complicated and I’m cheap. But, that’s besides the point! I know I can do my own taxes for less.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

It’s comforting knowing they’ll flag anything weird that you may have made mistakes on, to avoid seriously painful repercussions. Of course, most tax prep services will guide you and call out mistakes. But, beware! Because, there are some that will not. TurboTax includes an expert review of your taxes to ensure you haven’t made any mistakes and that you’re getting the highest refund possible.

Expert Advice

For no additional charge, I actually got to speak to two different CPAs to ask a very complicated question about my taxes. See, after I spoke with the first one, I had additional questions I hadn’t thought of. They gave me their expert advice and didn’t charge me a dime for it!

Built-In Features

Besides their easy guide that walks you through the process, and their expert advice, community forums, etc., TurboTax has some built-in features that are worth mentioning. For example, one of my favorites is It’s Deductible! Using their free service, you can determine things that can get you a bigger refund. It’s Deductible allows you to enter in items that you’ve donated. In other words, I donate items to charity every year and those can be written off on my taxes. When I donate to qualified charities, clothes and toys that my kids have outgrown, that qualifies as a write-off. It’s Deductible will let you enter those items into a form and it spits out a value that you can use to claim a deduction. In the past, I’ve undervalued my donations. But, with Its Deductible, I found that a big bag of clothing can be worth up to $500! It stands to reason, since I probably paid more than that for it. But, I would have never thought to value it that way. So, I was shorting myself! Read more about how Its Deductible works in our article here: $500 Write-Off for one bag of used clothes!

Easy & Fast

The best part about TurboTax, in my opinion, is how easy they make it. While my taxes are more complicated, they guide you through and ask for anything needed. So, it’s still pretty easy. I’ve had to file in multiple states, so I’ve tried to do it myself with paper forms and WOW!! it’s so much harder to do that way. I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t tried it. I consider myself fairly intelligent and I thought I was going to die. (LOL!) So, I’m extremely grateful that they make it so easy!

I also do my stepson’s taxes which are simple and easy. He has a W2 and basically no write-offs. I like to nerd-out by seeing how fast I can finish his taxes. My record is under 15 minutes! I can’t even gather my paperwork in 15 minutes!

How to File Federal & State Tax Returns Free

There are several reasons that I think TurboTax is the best. Firstly, their program called Absolute Zero. In other words, they charge $0 federal, $0 state, and $0 to file. While federal is often free, if you’ve wondered how to file state taxes free. Then here’s your answer. This applies to simple returns. Secondly, you get the same quality walk-through which guides you through the process. Thirdly, their expert error checking and advice forums. And lastly, when you E-File with TurboTax, you’ll get your return faster.

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