VARO: $50 Cash Bonus & $50 Referrals! No Monthly Fees!

VARO: $50 Cash Bonus & $50 Referrals! No Monthly Fees!

VARO: $50 Cash Bonus & $50 Referrals! No Monthly Fees!

Occasionally, we find awesome banking deals that pay huge bonuses. So, we’re excited that through the end of the year, Varo is offering $50 cash bonuses and $50 referrals! This is easy to get in on too! But, hurry! Because, this ends soon!

How the $50 Varo Cash Bonus Works

  1. Sign up for a new Varo account (note: bonus is only valid for those who have never had a Varo account).
  2. Spend $20 in the first month using your free Varo Bank Visa debit card and they’ll give you the $50 cash bonus!

How the $50 Varo Referral Bonus Works

  1. Refer your friends using your Varo referral link. Each friend can also get their own free $50 cash bonus. Plus, you’ll get $50 referral bonus for referring them!

About Varo Bank

  • You can transfer money from a debit card, cashapp, or a bank account, for example.
  • No credit check; requesting this free Visa card does not affect your credit score.
  • Best of all, there’s NO monthly fees to have a Varo account!

Varo Bank is an all-mobile bank account app built with best-in-class technology to help people get ahead financially. In addition to an intuitive design and user experience, Varo Bank offers customers: Safe and “branchless” banking. … Contactless payments with your Varo Bank debit card, and more! – Verobank

aro’s online checking account—known as the Varo Bank Account—doesn’t charge monthly maintenance fees, and you don’t need to keep a minimum balance. –Forbes

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