Viewpoints Sampling Program Review: Scam or Legit?

Viewpoints Sampling Program Review: Scam or Legit?

Viewpoints Sampling Program Review: Scam or Legit?

If you want to get in on great free product tests, then this is the site for you! Once you apply for each product test and are chosen, then you’ll receive free products if you promise to write a review.So, sign up for Viewpoints and then apply for product tests when they become available. Then, watch for product test opportunities and apply for those you’d like to be considered for. Please note that not everyone gets these; you have to be chosen. However, Viewpoints is 100% legit. Check out our tips to increase your chances of getting free products to test and keep from Viewpoints.

How Does Viewpoints Product Tests Work?

Use the product and let Viewpoints know what you think by writing an honest review through a link we’ll provide to you. There is NO COST to you. The product is yours to keep!

Viewpoints is a website with product reviews – both compensated with free product, and reviews that people have left for things they purchased themselves. Want to increase your chances of getting chosen for sampling programs? Contribute your point of view today on a recent purchase.

Tester Sample Supplies are limited! 

After signing up for a Viewpoints account here, you’ll need to apply for each separate product test you want to receive. In other words, signing up for an account alone will not get you freebies.

Next, after you apply for a specific product test you will be notified directly if you were chosen. If you don’t hear within a few weeks, it means the samples are gone and you weren’t chosen. Viewpoints has sampling opportunities frequently, so make sure to keep an eye out on freeBfinderFreebies and apply for them all!

What’s a Sampling Program? How is it different than Easy Freebies?

Great question, and one that’s so important to understand!

Different Freebies

So, it’s important to understand what to expect. We share several types of freebies, and all are similar in that they’re 100% free, and totally legitimate. But, knowing what to expect will help set you up for success!

Types of Freebies

“Easy Freebies”

Firstly, easy freebies are just that – super easy to get. You just follow the hyperlinks from this website to the offering company’s site and give them your shipping information so they can send you a freebie. Everyone who requests one properly gets one. They’re often small, free samples of products. Find all of the Easy Freebies by Mail on our website!

Product Tests

Secondly, Product Tests, on the other hand, have a few more steps. But, since they’re usually full-size products and more valuable items, it’s worth it! Sometimes there may be a short survey so that you can be matched up with the products and/or companies looking for people like you. And product tests always have a limited supply of free things, so you’re applying to get the freebie but it’s not guaranteed. Often, product tests require that you try the item and review it or tell them what you think of it. Not to be confused with “free with a review.” See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.

Want to learn more about Freebies?

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