Free Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Kit!

Free Eyeglass Lens Cloth and Bottle of Cleaner

I just picked up my free eyeglass cleaner and lens cloth from the Walmart Vision Center! You may need the coupon. I didn’t even fill mine out, they just gave me the freebie for asking. (I did show them the form.)

So, this is a super easy freebie that’s been around for a long time. No rush on this, because they pretty much always have it. But, be sure to grab the form and put it somewhere you’ll remember it, like in your purse or car.

Walmart Freebies

Next time you’re at Walmart, redeem for a free bottle of eyeglass lens cleaner and a soft cloth, perfect for cleaning your eye glasses. Of course, this freebie is only good at Walmart Vision Center inside Walmart.

Free Eyeglasses Lens Cloth & Cleaner

Tips for Cleaning Eyeglasses

  • Always use liquid to clean glasses, even with a microfiber cloth. Dust particles can scratch lenses if only a dry cloth is used to clean them. The best options are cleaners made especially for lenses, or even a mild soap.
  • Only use a mild soap or lens cleaning solution on lenses. Don’t use Windex, Lysol or ammonia or other strong chemicals to clean eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating, because it will cause it to break down over time.


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