Woodford Reserve: Free Personalized Bottle Labels + Free Shipping!

Free Custom Personalized Bottle Labels + Free Shipping!

Looking for a great gift idea? Head on over and make your Free Woodford Reserve Custom Labels! They’re custom printed on high-quality labels – just like what comes on the bottles in stores! But, they’re customized with your message! These Free Personalized Bottle Labels are a wonderful way to personalize gifts, and just look at how pretty the bottle is! You can request up to 12 in a year, and they’ll mail them to you free!

Enter your personalized Label Details

Craft your own personalized label for your bottle of Distiller’s Select and we’ll ship it to you in the mail. While the labels come at no cost, we can not ship bottles directly to consumers, so they must be purchased separately. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery within the United States. International orders may take longer. Limit 12 per year.

Please note: they will not print labels that include profanity, other trademarks, or special characters. Of course, the bottle is not included.

FREEBIE TIP: As with any alcohol-related site, they need to ask your birthdate before you can enter the site. Phone number is also required if you are making a new account, so you may want to consider getting a FREE Google Voice number to use for freebie requests!

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